Millions of leaflets, booklets and appointment cards are issued directly to the public each year by NHS hospitals throughout the United Kingdom.

Much of this NHS patient media is sponsored, enabling local and national businesses the opportunity to market their products and services directly to NHS patients.

NHS patient media offers significant advantages over periodical publications such as newspapers or magazines:


    1. NHS patient media is retained and referred to over an extended period of time and not automatically replaced monthly or weekly. Your advertisement will therefore remain effective for an extended period. Appointment cards for example, are often held and referred to by their holders and families for the full duration of treatment, a period which can last more than 12 months, making the marketing extremely cost effective.

    2. Unlike other publications, NHS Patient media can also offer you exclusive advertising, excluding competing services and giving your business a distinct advantage over your competitors.


We have specialised in NHS patient media for more than 20 years and are by far the largest specialist supplier in the UK today, with millions of sponsored leaflets, booklets and appointment cards currently being issued through more than 2,000 NHS Hospital departments nationwide.

For more information on marketing your company’s products and services through the unique medium of NHS patient media, please contact the specialists in NHS advertising by email at: or telephone: 020 8508 8882.